Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victory Brewing Dark Intrigue On Shelves Now

Be on the lookout for this one.  Victory Brewing, whom I have waxed poetically about as one of the world's great unheralded brewers, has come out with a special treat that's hitting shelves now but won't be around long.  I'm speaking of the Dark Intrigue, purporting to be a bourbon barreled version of their delectable Storm King Stout.  This concoction was once a brewery only beer that is being made available in bottles through their extensive distribution network at select liquor stores.

I've yet to try this one, but Storm King is an excellent beer and a great candidate for bourbon barrel aging as it's not overly sweet and well grounded in hops.  The vanilla and sugar from the oak and bourbon that housed it shouldn't overly sweeten it.  Storm King is in the 8-9% range, so given the whiskey kicker to the ABV this is a beer you'll be able to age for years to increasing rewards.  Get two if you can so that you can savor this winter warmer now and age the other.  Get one for me!  

Contact your local liquor store to find out its availability.   Good luck!

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