Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Apostel Brau Pale Ale Review

Did I ever get a real treat today.  Chicago's incredible beer house, Local Option, put up an uber-rare German beer treat today, Apostel Brau's pale ale.  The brewer claims to be continuing a brewing tradition dating back to 1713.  As expected, they appear to be well versed in making traditional Bavarian styles of beer such as pilsners.  This one's a pale ale but is not really a nod to our side of the pond. They put their own unique stamp on it.

My photo doesn't really do it justice, but this is a pretty phenomenal beer.  It's cloudy and unfiltered like a Zwickl but much hoppier without the wheat flavor.  When I say hoppy, I'm not talking about citrus flavored Cascade hops. German noble hops, and lots of them, dominate this beer, adding sharp pine, melon, soapy, and astringent flavors to it.  It smells soapy too.  Many beers are refreshing and many are full flavored.  Few beers are both full flavored and refreshing.  This beer qualifies as such.  Despite a light airy mouthfeel it's still got a palate soaking flavor that lingers on the tongue bearing the aforementioned flavors.  After a while you'd swear you taste a bit of citrus too.

This is an exceptional beer that's not only available locally at Local Option but also at Bavarian Lodge.  Try it while you can because it will probably be gone forever.  I hope it inspires domestic brewers.  At least 15 American brews aught to taste this good, be this refreshing, and this sessionable.

This is the pinnacle of what an everyday, after work beer should be. 

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