Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Review: Bell's Hopslam Reloaded

I was privy to a recent tapping of Bell's Brewing's legendary Hopslam, their delicious DIPA that's highly sought after and only available on shelves because of its oppressive price.  Not long ago Clark Street Ale House happened to tap some of this 10% plus brew.  I've giddily written about Hopslam in the past, and so has Shaun, and what appears to be this year's batch is consistent with prior releases.  So, I'll spare you any elaborating on it. 

Really, there's not much else new to say.  Hopslam is truly one of the most perfect beers out there and is in the elite class of IPA's.  It represents the pinnacle of Midwest-style IPA making and there is truly no other beer like it.  It must be the honey.  Hopslam nips at the tip of your tongue with a moment of hops, then quickly detours into the most pleasant honey and grain profile in the the orange colored brew's rather lush midsection. Hops gradually return, eventually becoming massive, powering the back end with grapefruit and pine.  The honey steers them down the palate, taming them.  This beer remarkably never dries out the palate but leaves the tongue saturated as your find yourself with a warm, pleasant feel.

That's the magic of Hopslam.  Welcome back. 

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