Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lagunitas Sucks Being Re-Released As Leftovers

Good news, beer lovers.  The hard to obtain and quickly stocked out Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale is being re-released as Lagunitas Holiday Leftovers Ale.  Despite rumors out there that the re-release has a different aftertaste, my sources tell me that it is the same beer as before.  The new logo has a Santa cookie with several bites taken out of it as opposed to the original logo which had what looked like a plastered Santa plastered on the bottle.

I also spoke to a source today who told me that Sucks, which replaced Brown Shugga, is here to stay as an annual release.  He claims that Laggie no longer wants to make Shugga due to low interest and the high cost of making that beer. A straight up pale ale, Sucks is presumably cheaper to produce and less taxing on resources and will therefore become their annual holiday release, as per the rumors.

If this is true that's fantastic. I much prefer Sucks anyway as it's easier drinking and much lower in alcohol than Shugga.  Plus, it's far less sweet and has that great citrus aftertaste.  I never really thought of Brown Shugga as a holiday beer anyway, but considered it just a big ass malty experiment in high ABV brewing by Laggie.  Like Sierra Nevada Celebration, it will make for a splendidly hoppy departure from the huge, malty, nutmeg laden, ginger infused, high alcohol Christmas ales that define the style and dominate the market. Sucks was my favorite holiday beer release this year

Hooray for Laggie!


Lagunitas said...

Hey... thanks for the news... but the Shugga' will be back next year... the high cost to brew is cool with us- your source had that part wrong but correct that we'll find some way to make it a regular brew... Happy New Year Mark and Shaun!

BeerShaun said...

Happy New Year and thanks for the info! That's great to see that Brown Shugga is hear to stay! Enjoyed some of your Lagunitas Sucks at our new year's eve party last night.

Thanks for such a great year!