Sunday, December 18, 2011

More of my Christmas Favorites

Wow I don't know how I could have forgotten a few of these excellent Holiday Ales.

Okay this is where you look at me sideways and say, Trader Joe's private label beer? Really? Really. This private label beer is made by Unibroue out of Quebec and their Belgian style strong ales are exceptional. It has a dark ruby/brown color, a typical belgian yeast nose with carmel and dried fruit. The beer is malty with lots of dried fruit and spices. It has some nice hop pineyness that offsets the sweetness and makes for a nice balanced spiced beer. Yumm. And it's $4.99 for a 22oz!

This beer will mess you up. Like privateers that used to fly this flag it will sail up while you're not looking and unload all it's cannons on you. This is one strong drinkable Christmas beer. It's their Christmas strong ale. This is an 8% beer but it's creaminess make it very drinkable. You can find pitchers of this at some of our favorite local establishments. It is dangerous but excellent session beer for the winter months.

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