Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Local Option Dampf Loc Review

It was time to go slumming with the commoners.  California common ales, that is.  And let me add that California commons are hardly low class.  Over at Chicago Foodies, I give Local Option pub's Dampf Loc the once over twice (you'll know what I mean if you are an X fan) and express my lament that there are not nearly enough other beers like it.

By that I mean full-flavored yet low-ABV beers that are "all day" beer affairs without being thin, watery, or just plain weird.  Founders does wonders with beers yet they put out a session ale, All Day IPA, that was rather forgettable.  Many, if not most, major midwestern brewers carry a roster of main line beers that you want to avoid then make some top end ones that are often impossible to find.  There's not enough in between the high and low ends. Where is that great tasting, inexpensive, sessionable beer for the guy that knows his way around the tap houses?

I believe it's right here beneath your noses with Dampf Loc.  Like Smuttynose Porter, this is a beer displaying great restraint in its punch that delivers hugely on flavor.  Fortunately they bottle this one too so you can enjoy it at home during the game.

Happy drinking.

4 of 5 stars.

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