Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thank You, Lagunitas

Welcome to 2012 folks, a very late welcome on our part.  I've been massively under the weather hence the paucity of posting.  We appreciate your visits to the site and your re-posting and re-tweeting of our Shakespearean posts here.  Okay, so we're not making anyone forget Macbeth here but we are truly grateful for your readership which is climbing to new and startling heights each month, shattering our expectations.

And we're not afraid to admit when we get it wrong, either.  Earlier we printed a "fact" from a source that Lagunitas Brewing was discontinuing its Brown Shugga in favor of the Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale.  We received a clarifying response from Lagunitas itself; you may have seen it in the comments section of the above-linked post.  If not, here it is:

Hey... thanks for the news... but the Shugga' will be back next year... the high cost to brew is cool with us- your source had that part wrong but correct that we'll find some way to make it a regular brew... Happy New Year Mark and Shaun!
Was this from the hands Tony McGee himself?   That's unclear.  But this is great news for all of you Brown Shugga fans.  Laggie is bringing their acclaimed massive brown ale back.  Personally, I hope they keep making Sucks which was a sensation in Chicago, stocked out rapidly, was untraceable until it was re-released as Leftovers (which actually showed up in Sucks labeling at my local bodega).  Sucks was a smash hit at my Christmas party this year. Non-hop lovers were all over "the good stuff" and we had to hide most of it.

Anyway, you've now heard it straight from the horse's mouth so happy drinking!

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