Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite New Seattle Beer Spots

Mark's post (and my lack of posting) has inspired me to jot down a few of the newest craft beer bars in Seattle I think are worth checking out.

1)The Pinebox. This is my favorite new spot on Capitol Hill! They have 30 taps of craft beer, excellent wood fired pizza and olives, and always have something fun running through a Randall. They're in the old Chapel location on Pine and Melrose. It's a much warmer and brighter place then it was when it was Chapel. It's an excellent atmosphere with great bartenders and you're guaranteed to have someone interested in beer sitting next to you for instant conversation. The best part is they have a mobile site with a live feed of what's on tap. So I can instantly look and see if there's something special I must have.

2) The Wurst Place. Clever name aside this is a brand new craft beer and brat place that has great potential on Westlake next to Guitar Center. The have 3 things: Beer, Brats, Fries. They have a nice broad selection on tap and some secret stashes of bottles (*cough*HOD Bourbon Fred*cough*). They have interesting and unique brat combos (Spicy Bison, Jalapeno Elk) and great fries. It's a quite place right now but will, no doubt, gain popularity and give Brave Horse a run for their money.

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