Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cascade Flight IV- Barrel Aged Bruin

This beer has a dark auburn color. It is aged 18 months in new oak for an aggressive oak flavor. Wow, its smoky with a vanilla nose. Did I mention the aggressive new oak? It is slightly tart with a smoky peaty taste that dominates. It is so different from the sour line up and it's so welcome. I has a uniquely citrus/lactic tart, lime, and rhubarb taste at the end. Not so much sour as tart and smoky. Lovely way to end the flight.

Cascade barrel House Tasting III - Sang Noir

One of my all time favorites from cascade. Red ale base blended from part aging in whiskey barrels and part in Pinot noir barrels. Then aged on sour cherries. Strong sour bite, tart cherry and rhubarb pie in the middle and warm slight bourbon at the end. This is one of those special knife edge beers that is big and complex but knows how to maintain it's balance.if you have the opportunity get a bottle or a glass. Drink it now. It will get better but it's excellent now so only wait if you can.

Visiting cascade barrel house II- Figaro

This is a limited release blend on tap that weighs in at 9.5%. Golden with a thin ring of a head and sparkling carbonation. They're having fun with this one. Chardonnay barrels, figs, and lemon peel.

Tart, sweet, and lactic tang. A stronger sour and Jen likes it too. Dangerously drinkable. Which is where I like to live!

Visiting The Cascade Barrel House - 2011 The Vine

Jen and I are taking our baby girl on an Oregon road trip for the 4th of July weekend and our first stop is Portland. So we are taking the opportunity to stop by Cascade Brewing's Barrel House. Their sours are legendary and they are, in my mind, one of the top 2 brewers in Portland. The first in my sour flight was the 2011 "The Vine." a sour blonde aged 12 months in oak and then aged on white grapes. It's a really nice sessionable sour. The grape flavors come through along with a champagne like effervecent. It's a great refreshing summery sour that you can drink now or lay down. It comes out once per year and it's a great way to enjoy summer!