Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mark and Shaun Hangin in Chicago

Man whenever Mark and I get together one thing is certain: there will be mischief and there will be beer. I guess that's two things. As I'm recovering from last night looking forward to a Bloody Mary at the Twisted spoke I reflect on the hijinks from last night. We started at a well curated beer bar called Kaseys. I had a Three Floyd's Apocalypse Cow. A lactose fortified IPA. Like all FFF the hop profile was inspired and it started off with a lovely creamy sweetness to balance. By the end though, the sweetness kept growing and started to unbalance the beer. Good for a few ounces but a little much for a pint. Then we headed to the Twisted Spoke where I had an in characteristically bad service. I received a bad sputtering pour of St Ambrose Nitro Stout, it was, as expected, flavorless. I called the bartender on it and returned it, but not before she tried to convince me that nitro stouts are supposed to taste like that.

So we switched to an amazing wine and barbecue pairing for dinner at Que Syrah. Mark and I were in full swing at this point and lit up the table with our shenanigans. We charmed this lovely couple into joining us at Northdown. We stepped up and and scored an excellent FFF Arctic Panzer Wolf. I enjoyed this one emensly. So much That I need to start using Arctic Panzer in conversation more often.

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