Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shaun's Picks for Seattle International Beer Fest 2012

Now that summer is officially on in Seattle we have the excellent, Seattle International Beer Festival at Seattle Center this weekend (July 6th-8th). It is always an excellent festival that has a huge variety for everyone. Here are my picks and my advice.

1)Go to get something you can't normally get in the store. Drinking Blue Moon at beerfest is a waste of a beer ticket.

2)Figure out what will be on which days. Not everything will be available each day and things run out. Check the fine print.

3)Start early. It opens at 12 and you can walk right in and hit up the tents. by 4pm there will be lines everywhere. Start early and spend more time drinking and less time standing.

My picks in alphabetical order:

  1. Abbaye des Rocs Brune - Excellent Belgian dubbel.
  2. Ace of Spades- Hopworks Urban Brewery. - Imperial IPA from some hop masters
  3. Ascension -Two beers. 100IBU Strong Ale from a Local Seattle brewer.
  4. B-Bomb. Fremont. - Mmm Barleywine.
  5. Barney Flats (Both bourbon and port barrel)- Anderson Valley. Um bourbon and Port barrel aged. Yes please.
  6. Bourbon Barrel Big Bang Red - Lompoc Brewery. 
  7. Brandywine. - Oakshire - Barleywine.
  8.  Conflux 1. Hair of the Dog/Deschutes Collaboration. -Dissident+Stoic+Fred+Matt =Awesome. Just had some of this yesterday, still needs more age but still tasty.
  9. Double Dry Hopped Ruination - Stone. Mmm Dry Hopped nose in awesome Double IPA.
  10. Kentucky Dark Star - Fremont Brewery.
  11. Mo Betta Bretta - New Belgium/Lost Abby Collaboration.
  12. Perfect Storm - Oakshire Brewing. (Not Pelican)
  13. Southhampton Abbot 12 - Southhampton Brewing. Belgian Style Quad.
  14. Tilquin Oude Gueuze. Belgian Gueuze.
  15. Utopias. Sam Adams. -Be there 5pm Friday.
  16. Waldo's Special- Lagunitas. DoubleIPA
There are a bunch of excellent and some notables left off the list. Some because I can get them at my local beer store any time.

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MJS said...

Lagunitas Waldo is terrific. If you haven't had it already it's another classic hoppy pale ale/IPA hybrid from the folks at Laggie.