Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Pour a Draft Beer Tokyo Style

During my after hours adventures in Tokyo we met up with some friends of a co-worker who showed me how to pour draft beer Tokyo style. One of them owns a great little American style comfort food restaurant, Cravings. If you're visiting Tokyo and have the urge to have some familiar breakfast fare for a change. I recommend this spot.

This little tap gadget takes a page from the Toyota Production System playbook and applies a new control to the typical tap handle to attempt to "mistakeproof" creating the perfect head. Unfortunately for me it's not quite "mistakeproof" enough. It has two modes. One mode to pour perfectly carbonated beer. Then the second mode engages when you push the handle away and it creates a perfect fine foam to top off the beer with the perfect creamy head. Check out the video to see "how not to do it."

Stepping up to the tap

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