Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Upcoming Fall Beer Festivals in WA

There are a bunch of fall beer festivals coming up in Seattle and the area. Here are a few so get out there and drink some beer!

1) Brouwers Hopfest 9/27- Be Jealous Mark! This is all things great in the hop kingdom. From Pliny the Elder to fresh hop beers and everyone else in between. Starts at 11am on Thursday sept.27th so plan on a 4 day weekend.

2)The Fresh Hop Throwdown at the Noble Fir 9/29- If you remember my fresh hop series from last fall then you know I love these beers. Definitely check this out as it's a rare gem we get only in the PACNW. Satu

3)The Yakima Valley Fresh Hop Festival 10/6 - If you are up for making a weekend out of it. Go to the source. 75% of the hops in the US come from Washington.

4)Elysian Pumpkin Festival 10/19 - Elysian puts out my favorite pumpkin beers and one of the highest quality beer festivals. The list of brewers here is always spectacular. Tickets online only or at the brewpubs so purchase ahead. I'll be there Saturday morning session.

5)Snohomish Beer Festival 10/26- Family friendly and more than just Hops and Pumpkins.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Flying Dog Imperial IPA - Citra Review

Out of nowhere came the Flying Dog Imperial IPA - Citra.  In my reality this didn't exist until it popped up at The Green Lady here in hometown Chicago.  Flying Dog is one of those brewers that may end up in your local supermarket next to the Kraft cheese, but they never miss on a beer.  Their work is not always jaw-dropping but they don't ship swill.  I had never seen an imperial single hop citra IPA before, and figured the Imperial Citra would be like a Zombie Dust on steroids.  Citra hops bring a grapefruit and grassy flavor to any beer in which you insert them, and they're seriously aromatic.  The question here would be how they blended together with the malts.  As Ross Perot used to say, the devil is in the details.