Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deschutes 2012 Jubelale. A winter ale for the new year

Well its been a while and Mark has rightly been shaming with his posting. So for my first post of 2013 I am writing about my first beer of the new year. Deschutes 2012 Jubelale.

It pours a ruby tawny color with a creamy voluminous head. The nose is malty raisin and slight hops. It has a light carbonation and a light mouthfeel. There is a slight malt tastes but it comes across watery. There is a hop bite at the end to clean off the palate. I expected this beer to be heavier and more robust. This reminds me of the dark beers I had in New Zealand. They all were lighter than i expected. That seems like a spring thing to do rather than a full on winter ale.

I would call this a nice session beer but not really a winter ale. This pales next to the Trader Joes Vintage ale and my other favorite, Ninkasi's Sleigh'r.

Pros: sessionable light ale
Cons: supposed to be a full bodied winter ale
Verdict: pick up a Trader Joes Vintage ale or Ninkasi Sleigh'r

2.5 out of 5 on the Mark o'meter

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