Saturday, March 30, 2013

Caskfest: north Sound brewing rootbeer float brown

This is a crazy mind warp. The nose is pure rootbeer that takes you back to after baseball icecream stops when you were 8. The taste is straight up brown ale with a hint of the root. I have no idea but its fun!

Caskfest: issaquah brewing apple frog

Need a break from the big over the top ipas and barrel aged crazy stuff. Apple frog is a light crisp breath of fresh air to take a breather with!

Caskfest: two beers brewing - cinnamon dark

Dark strong ale aged in red wine barrels with cinnamon. Red wine sweet nose and a dark cider hue. The cinnamon and red wine are aggressive and bring a much more complex flavor than expected. The nose makes you think syrupy sweet but the cinnamon and tannins from the barrel and grapes effectively combat it. Its strong and hot but the cinnamon cuts the aftertaste and brings it back in to balance. This is a big hairy chested beer! Nicely done.

Caskfest: black raven le petit mort

Barrel aged belgian strong on dark rum soaked morel mushrooms!!?!

This is why you come to caskfest. And the line showed.

Sweet rummy nose. Dark earthy brown color. Sweet plum tempered immediately by an earthy tanin. Strong and controlled.

Bainbridge island - whiskey SEB

Skip it. Tastes like flat watery gold rush whiskey.

Caskfest: naked city- cry me a river

Their ode to our departed Russian River. Huge citrus hop nose. Carmel color. Big citrus and pine imperial ipa with an over ripe peach finish. A big imperial.

Caskfest: Naked city- mint chocolate porter

Big fresh mint nose. The mint comes through with a dry malt porter backbone. I want to brush my teeth with this beer every morning.

Look for us at caskfest!

My always awesome wife created this great t-shirt to wear at caskfestival today! Look for us to say hi and talk beer!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Shaun's Recommendations for Seattle Cask Festival

Hi Folks,

Washington Brewer's Guild is hosting Cask Festival tomorrow. One of my favorite events of the year to try out small batch crazy fun stuff that Washington brewers and other regional brewers dream up. Buckle up! Here is my short list of what to try...

My number one rule of festivals is try something that you can't get normally. Since this festival is dominated by specials I am eschewing many of the breadth of styles I generally like and focusing on the specials. By no means does this mean I dislike beers I didn't select. I just don't have the constitution to get through even my short list.

Alphabetical Order:

Bainbridge Island Brewing
-Bainbridge Island Whisky Barrel Bainbridge S.E.B. (South English Brown) - 1st session
-Whisky Barrel Poacher's Porter (Porter) - 2nd session

Big Al Brewing
- Seattle Bourbon Hop Villain (CDA)

Black Raven Brewing
-Redmond La Petite Mort Fonce’ 2012 (Belgian Dark Strong)
-Possum Claus (Porter)
-Paging Dr. Wisdom (Double IPA)

Boundary Bay Brewery
-Dry Hopped ESB (ESB)
Cascadian Dark Ale (Cascadian Dark Ale)

Elliott Bay Brewing
- Seattle/Burien Hoppus Callosum Double IPA (West Seattle) (Double IPA)

Fremont Brewing
- Seattle Pine Box Anniversary Oatmeal Stout (Oatmeal Stout)
S.nake B.ear W.alrus Barley Wine (Barleywine)

Georgetown Brewing
Barrel-aged Ol'Hara Winter Stout (Stout) - 1st session
Lisa's Chocolate Stout (Stout) - 2nd session
Barrel-aged Chopper's Red Ale (Red Ale) - 2nd session

Harmon Brewing
Hops of MARCH - Jameson Oak (IPA)

Naked City Brewery
Cry Me A River Imperial IPA (Imperial IPA)

New Belgium Brewing
- Seattle NBB Love Oscar w/coffee beans (Sour)
-Rampant Imperial IPA (Imperial IPA)

Redhook Brewery
-Woodinville Do Svidanya (Russian Imperial Stout)

Two Beers Brewing
- Seattle Infused Evo IPA (IPA)
-Forester Double IPA (Double IPA)
-Oak Aged SoDo Brown (Oak Aged Brown)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Washington Brewers Guild Caskfest is Coming!

It's that time of year again for one of my favorite beer festivals. Washington Brewer's Guild Cask Festival. This is a great event to taste some big bad special releases from all the regional brewers we know and love.

Here's the beer list and check back for my picks for this weekend!