Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bell's Brewery Black Note Stout - Review

Not much to say about this beer that probably has not already been said.  This beer is one of the greats.  It's very obvious why.  Bell's took a great beer, Expedition Stout, and another great beer, Double Cream Stout, combined them, bourbon barreled them, and what you see is what you get.  It's an 11.5% dark-as-night, motor-oil-like stout that everyone wants and no one can find.  It's easily one of the ten best beers I've ever tried.

Stick your nose in the glass.  An invisible cloud of warm, intoxicating bourbon hangs over this beer and envelops your nose and senses.  Drink it in. It draws you right into its black mixture. You can taste the smoky, caramel bourbon on your back palate before the first sip.  Bourbon starts to heat your nose.  Bell's does a nice job of masking the massive amount of alcohol with rich chocolate and espresso notes as well as some fruity notes of dark berries.  The thickness and roasted flavor is there from the Expedition Stout, and the smoothness from the Double Cream.  Every gulp feels thick and dense, quite massive, yet it remains a bit velvety.  Bourbon flavor ultimately warms your throat.  You want to drink it slow. You're taken in.  Where oh where can you get more.  Realize one thing: you won't get any more. Not unless you're ready to trade your 2009 Dark Lord and maybe some KBS too.  Maybe your Kia or your first born.  Because this is about as good as it gets.  Just sit back, sip, and enjoy it as if it's your last.  Cause it is.

Black Note is the first bourbon stout I've had that equals KBS, and probably betters it.  But I'll sooner find another KBS.

5 stars.

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