Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout Review - 2013. Still The One.

You've read all about the release. Now let's talk about the product itself, the fresh batch of 2013 KBS.  There were several complaints at this year's release party that the current edition "was watered down this year." Someone commented that the new bottle's description of KBS as "A Flavored Stout" frighteningly recalls the panned Frangelic Mountain Brown.  More than a few doubts lurked in the corners regarding this year's release.  Well, let me spread the light and inform that I have been to the mountain and it is good.  A buddy of mine secured me a 2013 four pack and when I retrieved it from him we split a precious bottle.  He unquestionably deserved to share in the bounty after his clutch acquisition of my KBS.  The sharp photo above is from his new retina-display iPad.

The new batch of KBS is in fine form.  I've written endlessly about this beer and, given this experience, can't find any reservations about the newly-minted edition.  It smells exquisitely of coffee, bourbon and chocolate, and still has that dark inviting look. Maybe its most charming aspect is how it develops that yellowish-tan head above the dark chocolatly liquid.  I just love that.  Notice how the bottle's color scheme cleverly matches the beer's head and body.  You recall a visual of the beer with every glance at the bottle.  Nice touch.  And there's just no complaining about the flavor.  After an early bourbon assault, you'll find that coffee, chocolate, dark berries and oats gradually emerge as it warms in your glass.

I enjoyed having it in the straight up 4 oz. taster glass shown above.  A standard pint is too trite for drinking KBS, but the snifter-glass serving is sometimes a bit much.  We were watching college hoops in jeans and sweats.  We weren't savoring a bottle while smoking Cubans in the tranquil wake of eating prime grade steaks.  The 4-oz. pint has more of the backyard or laid-back outdoor-beer-fest feel which is ideal for such an impromptu opening.  Part of the KBS appeal is that the bourbon gives it kind of a down-home, boozy moonshine element that conjures up bootlegging and banjos.  There's a time and place for snifters, but I'll save them for more refined occasions or for drinking with the lady.

Anyway, the only meaningful debate about KBS concerns the appropriate glassware. The beer speaks for itself.

4.8 of 5 stars.

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Kenneth Noisewater said...

Those are high marks, and I have been a stout man lately - so I gotta check this one out. Or have I already and I was too drunk to remember . . .