Monday, April 1, 2013

Moylans Brewery Hop Craic XXXXIPA Review

Well, you can tell by the name of this beer that it's not a malt-heavy amber affair;  but it somehow succeeds despite a recipe that includes gargantuan amounts of hops and a 10.4% alcohol profile.  The four X's in the name aught to scare you if you are hop averse.  The word "Craic" is actually pronounced "Crack" because the abundance of hops are intended to appease hop addicts in the same way that - yep, you guessed it.  

Yet this is not like sucking on a hop cone.  You can smell the alpha acids in the head. The color is a slightly yellow orange.  This is a beer where the hops are moisture-sucking, and make you almost pucker.  Large amounts of citrus flavor quickly overwhelm the tongue.  Still, there is more restraint in this than you would expect, as there's enough malt to quiet the rousing tangerine and mango flavors.  The finish isn't overwhelmingly bitter, either; and is dangerously smooth.  This is surprisingly drinkable for a 10 percent beer. It's not too heavy although it's more dense than Port's Anniversary Ale.  If Shaun recovered from the Washington beer fest, perhaps he can navigate one of these and give his opinion.  

4.2 of 5 stars.  

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