Monday, April 29, 2013

Port Brewing Hop 15 Double IPA

Some things just make you well up with excitement.  This often happens when you just can't help but recognize that things are headed somewhere good.  Maybe it's meeting someone you instantly click with, and  you can feel the vibes building as you talk to her.  Perhaps it's the top of the 9th in a big game and your ace closer is on the mound with a 2-run lead (sorry, Cubs fans).  For me, this latest charged moment was about 10 seconds before I sipped that Port Hop 15 Ale you see.  Port gets it done.  Not sure how they do it, but their IPA's are uniquely packed - steeped - with hops, but never seem overly dense. You could easily pick out a Port in an IPA lineup.  Hop 15 is even more special.  Right now it gets a 93 at BeerAdvocate.  This is one beer for which you should travel across town when it shows up on Beer Menus.

I first tried it years ago at Hopleaf, a crazy night.  Shaun was in town. Girls were sending their boyfriends home in cabs so they could be free to stay out and drink.  Classic stuff.  Hop 15, so called because of its blend of 15 hop varietals, bears Port's unique stamp.  It's dark amber with a huge white head.  It smells of heaping portions of pine and citrus.  The mouthfeel is has that patented Port oily feel and is slightly creamy.  Carbonation bites at you.  The hops are enormous and it's replete with oily pine resins.  Grapefruit overwhelms your palate.  About halfway through the glass, you are now inundated with hops and won't taste much else.  It's jarring.

Give this to your buddy who's had a few and watch it sober him up.   Okay, its 10%, so it won't exactly sober him up.  But he surely won't forget having it.  And the next day's ice pack on his head will seem worth it.

4.4 of 5 stars.

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BeerShaun said...

Love the Hop 15! It's great fresh pineforest after a spring rain!