Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chicago Craft Beer Week - May 16 to 26, 2013

Hello Chicagoans and visitors.  Finally, a week arrives that makes all of the writing, analyzing, and fuss about craft beer seem worth it. Chicago Craft Beer week is here!  It's not really a week: it lasts from May 16 until the 26th.  It's not just about craft beer.  There will be a number of food and entertainment events accompanying the beer.  Not all the beer will actually be "craft", as there will be a number of industrial brews produced by craft manufacturers that will be part of the lineup.  But craft beer will indeed be the focus, and there will be some great craft brews offered at the many cool events each day, so let your cup runneth over.

The link to the Craft Beer Week schedule is here and a preview at Chicago Foodies is here.  Also, Chicago Beer Geeks has a piece up here, noting their event which will feature beers from Wild Onion and others.  I have a post going up at Foodies in which I recommend a strategy for approaching the week and also recommend several specific events.  When that post launches, I'll either update it in this post or put up a separate one with the link.  Cheers!

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