Sunday, August 18, 2013

Balast Point - Sculpin IPA, Shauns take

We finally have Ballast Point up here now and picked up a Sculpin on Mark's review. It's summer and sunshine is the order of the day up here so I have been looking for an IPA that's refreshing enough for a summer brew. Sculpin delivers in spades.

It starts with a lovely fragrant pine nose. It lets you know up front this is an IPA and not to be confused with something else.

It pours a clear golden carmel color with a fine white head that recedes to a small halo.

It has a piney robust hop flavor with a warmth that settles in on the back of your throat. The hop aftertaste lingers on the sides of your tongue and just keeps going. It doesn't suck the moisture out of your mouth or hit you with so much carmel and alcohol that it puts you out. This is a great sessionable IPA that refreshes on a hot sunny day but still give you a sophisticated IPA punch. I love that this beer has struck a great balance of hop punch, light body, and refreshing mouthfeel. Nicely done Ballast Point!

Pros: Great hop bite with a lovely lingering aftertaste.

Cons: at 7% ABV it can be a little misleading in it's drinkability.

Verdict: A robust pallet rocking piney IPA that still refreshes on a hot sunny day.

4 out of 5 on the Mark-o-Meter.